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Flower Essences From The Witch’s Garden: Plant spirits in magickal herbalism

Flower Essences From The Witch’s Garden: Plant spirits in magickal herbalism

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“A must-have book for anyone interested in spirituality, magick, and the subtle use of plants. Profound and engaging, this book is a worthy and important addition to any flower essence library.”

- Candice Covington, author of Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice

"Everything we need to know about working with flower essences for healing, magick, personal development, and more. This book is destined to be a classic magickal reference book on the shelves and in the hearts of witches everywhere for generations to come."

- Tess Whitehurst, author of The Magic of Flowers and The Magic of Trees

In this practical guide to using flower essences in witchcraft, alchemy, and healing Nicholas Pearson provides detailed instructions for making and using flower essences based on traditional Western magick practices. He shares new uses for essences -from creating sacred space to dressing candles to preparing incense--and explains how to use them in meditation, potions, spells, spagyrics, and ritual. He shares exercises for connecting more deeply to the energies of the green world and exploring how essences can be used in traditional sacraments of witchcraft like the Great Rite.

In the hands-on formulary, the author provides recipes for essence combinations for the eight sabbats and formulas based on familiar blends like traditional flying ointments of European witchcraft. He shares his method for creating flower essence spagyrics. alchemical preparations made from the body, mind, and soul of the plant that offer the highest vibrational potency for therapeutic and spiritual uses. Pearson also provides a detailed directory of 100 flower and plant essences, complete with astrological, elemental, and magickal correspondences and the therapeutic indications for each essence.

Weaving together magickal herbalism, traditional plant lore, and flower essence therapy, this guide allows you to see flower essences not just as vibrational remedies but also as powerful tools for transformation, magick, and spiritual practice.

Nicholas Pearson is a flower essence practitioner and researcher. 

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