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Cosmic Witch Society

Tarot of the Sorceress, a witch’s wheel of the year.

Tarot of the Sorceress, a witch’s wheel of the year.

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Discover concealed oracle messages and bring to light your hidden depths with the Tarot of the Sorceress. Inspired by pagan spirituality, this deck revolves around the seasonal festivals, sabbats and solar events that comprise the wheel of the year and rituals encompassing the four elements of air, water, fire and earth.

The Major Arcana cards embrace the great movements of the wheel of the year while the Minor Arcana cards are tools in the service of the Major Arcana, depicting sabbats, seasons, moon cycles, sacred figures, constellations, planets, crystals and plants. Each element has its own force, but together the cards take on different symbols.

This striking tarot, with it's beautiful black and white illustrations and metallic highlights, reflects the magical and mystical world. It can be used for divination or during rituals.


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