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MOON SONG perfume oil

MOON SONG perfume oil

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'The moon illuminates my visions and gently guides me'

Introducing Moon Song, an enchanting natural perfume oil inspired by the allure of the full moon and the mystical connection of the gardenia flower (tears of the moon).Let the captivating aroma of Moon Song transport you to a moonlit garden, where the essence of nature's beauty unfolds.

At its inception, Moon Song opens with a glowing celestial blend of honey, green fig leaf, and neroli. Like a moonbeam dancing on the skin, these top notes evoke a sense of luminous radiance and sweet sophistication.

In the heart of this fragrance, you'll find the mesmerising white flowers of gardenia and jasmine grandiflora, entwined in an alluring embrace. As if reflecting the moon's gentle glow, these blossoms exude a captivating and ethereal allure, making Moon Song an embodiment of poetic beauty.

Completing this celestial composition, the base notes of vanilla and earthy oakmoss ground the fragrance, like roots reaching into the earth.Moonstone illuminates each vessel with its power to bind us to the cycles and rhythms of the moon and activate our third eye.

The interplay of these elements evokes a sense of harmony with nature, inviting you to connect with the moonlit landscape around you.

With Moon Song, embrace the serenade of the full moon and the gardenia's lunar association. Let this natural perfume oil become your olfactory ode to the enchanting dance between the night sky and blossoming gardens, carrying you on a nocturnal journey illuminated by the magic of Moon Song.





Each perfume potion is witchcrafted by our resident witch in our Melbourne studio with the finest perfumery ingredients of absolutes, wild tinctures, natural isolates and essential oils. Crafted with it's own potent activated sigil to intentionally amplify each fragrance for you. 

Housed in our signature CWS box, pouch, custom wrapping and velvet ribbon... for the lux witch feel. 


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Moon Song

This is such a beautiful take on a white floral, especially as it is a natural perfume. You can really smell those honey floral notes! I love it. Like being in a garden.