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Spirit Whisper incense burner

Spirit Whisper incense burner

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Unveil the ethereal realms and honor your ancestral bonds with the 'Spirit Whisper' Black Skull Incense Burner. Crafted in the mystic tradition of witchcraft, this sacred vessel serves as a conduit between worlds, allowing you to beckon spirits and pay homage to your forebearers and chosen deities. 

Carved from obsidian-black resin, the intricately detailed skull exudes an aura of ancient wisdom and primal energy. As the fragrant tendrils of incense rise, they carry your intentions and offerings to the realms beyond, where spirits and ancestors await your call. The flickering incense glow casts a bewitching ambiance, inviting communion with the unseen.

Embrace the age-old craft of spirit connection and honor your lineage in the most enchanting way. With the 'Spirit Whisper' Black Skull Incense Burner, you hold the key to a world where past and present merge, and the whispers of spirits are woven into the tapestry of your witchcraft journey.

Made from resin and has a gold metal plate within skull to place incense cones for a safe burn. You can also wedge incense sticks in. 

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