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CHRYSALIS perfume oil

CHRYSALIS perfume oil

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' I become one with the magick of transformation ‘

Cerridwen : The witch goddess is renowned as the guardian of the Cauldron of Inspiration, known as the Awen. The Awen is the creative force of the universe itself. The mystical cauldron of life brews a potent elixir that grants poetic and artistic inspiration to those who partake of its contents. Cerridwen stirs the cauldron with her ancient wisdom, infusing it with the transformative energies that spark creativity and growth.


The Chrysalis perfume potion, inspired by the goddess Cerridwen is an alchemical blend designed to empower, protect, and connect you with the wisdom and transformative energies of the goddess herself. Allow its aromatic dance to elevate your senses, unlocking the hidden realms within and guiding you along your magickal journey. 

Cerridwen is the transformer; she is the source of magic, the great witch queen and sometimes referred to as the mother of Awen. Her symbol is the cauldron, that stereotypical emblem of the witch. Together with the demigod Gwydion, she is perhaps one of the most powerful allies in magic that is available to the Celtic magician. She is a helpful aid for the gaining of inspiration, for clear sight and vision, and for the wisdom of the plant, tree, and animal kingdom.




Each perfume potion is witchcrafted by our resident witch in our Melbourne studio with the finest perfumery ingredients of absolutes, wild tinctures, natural isolates and essential oils. Crafted with it's own potent activated sigil to intentionally amplify each fragrance for you. 

Housed in our signature CWS box, pouch, custom wrapping and velvet ribbon... for the lux witch feel. 

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