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Cosmic Witch Society

MIDNIGHT GROVE perfume oil

MIDNIGHT GROVE perfume oil

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' I am one with nature and nature is one with me' 

In the midnight hour, as the stars paint the night sky. the witch walks hand in hand with the forest's anclent spirits. They feel their presence In every whispering breeze. in every moss-covered stone. Together. they weave a tapestry of magick. where spells are whispered in the language of the trees and the forest's secrets are whispered back.


Each perfume potion is witchcrafted by our resident witch in our Melbourne studio with the finest perfumery ingredients of absolutes, wild tinctures, natural isolates and essential oils. Crafted with its own potent activated sigil to intentionally amplify each fragrance for you. 
Housed in our signature CWS box, pouch, custom wrapping and velvet ribbon... for the lux witch feel. 



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