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Lestat loves Louis

Lestat loves Louis

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A testament to immortal love that has spanned centuries—the 'Lestat Loves Louis' collar pin. Crafted with the exquisite decadence of antique gold and adorned with glistening rhinestones that shimmer like eternal stars, these pins bear witness to a passion as timeless as the night. While this is budget friendly, it’s rich in style.

 Linked by delicate chains, each brooch carries the weight of history, a connection that defies the boundaries of mortal existence.

With every glance, the pins tell a tale of devotion that has weathered the ages—a tale of Lestat's insatiable ardor for his beloved Louis, a love that burns brighter than the moonlit sky and pierces deeper than the sharpest fangs.

Wear this with crispy collared shirts and dark vintage velvet jackets for a sharp gothy witchy attire. 

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